Being a proud expatriate, I try to keep up with the ongoings in the Auld Country, which is a lot easier to do than it used to be. After all, as recently as twenty years ago one could only do this on a modest income by kibitzing on a neighbour’s copy of The Glasgow Herald, or so, unless of course the news included a scandal of international interest. Like the Profumo Affair, for instance, a titillating (and I do not choose that word lightly) story of bedrooms and Cabinet secrets that ultimately brought down the Government. At the time I had been away for three years and already missing the “dear green place”, but continued on and gradually found dear green places over here. Nowadays with the proliferation to absurd lengths of the electronic media, and I include emails and all the twittering in-your-Facebook clamour that gets louder or more rampant, not to say epidemic, every day, it’s all too easy to discover the latest scandal, and there’s always at least one. The online Daily Mail will let me know of shocking behaviour in rural England, as The News of the World used to. (Alas poor NOTW! Done in by its low journalistic methods. I must do a weblog on that sometime.) As for Scottish news, the Herald from Glasgow and the Scotsman from Edinburgh generally fill me in on what’s deemed important, or even scandalous, by the editors. There’s bias of course, and as long as I remind myself that the papers have nothing much to do with Scotland (to the extent of Scotophobic malice) I’m all right. But enough of this. There are other means of inquiry, thank the Lord, in this amazing age, and in the aggregate they fill each other in and correct each other, or at least temper their temper, so to speak. Oh, how wonderful  (I reflect for the umpteenth time)  to have lived so long till an out-of-print book can be downloaded from the ether to my desk at the push of a button!


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